VCA v1.0 released on Valentine’s day!

As Valentine’s day gift to video coding enthusiasts across the globe, we released Video Complexity Analyzer (VCA) version 1.0 open-source software on Feb 14, 2022. The primary objective of VCA is to become the best spatial and temporal complexity predictor for every frame/ video segment/ video which aids in predicting encoding parameters for applications like scene-cut detection and online per-title encoding. VCA leverages x86 SIMD and multi-threading optimizations for effective performance. While VCA is primarily designed as a video complexity analyzer library, a command-line executable is provided to facilitate testing and development. We expect VCA to be utilized in many leading video encoding solutions in the coming years.

VCA is available as an open-source library, published under the GPLv3 license. For more details, please visit the software online documentation here. The source code can be found here.

Heatmap of spatial complexity (E)

Heatmap of temporal complexity (h)










A performance comparison (frames analyzed per second) of VCA (with different levels of threading enabled) compared to Spatial Information/Temporal Information (SITI) [Github] is shown below:

Further information about a few possible VCA applications can be found at:

  1. Content-adaptive Encoder Preset Prediction for Adaptive Live Streaming
  2. Light-weight Video Encoding Complexity Prediction using Spatio Temporal Features
  3. ETPS: Efficient Two-pass Encoding Scheme for Adaptive Live Streaming
  4. OPSE: Online Per-Scene Encoding for Adaptive HTTP Live Streaming
  5. Perceptually-aware Per-title Encoding for Video Streaming
  6. Live-PSTR: Live Per-title Encoding for Ultra HD Adaptive Streaming
  7. OPTE: Online Per-title Encoding for Live Video Streaming
  8. CODA: Content-aware Frame Dropping Algorithm for High Frame-rate Video Streaming
  9. VQEG NORM talk on Video Quality Analyzer
  10. INCEPT: INTRA CU Depth Prediction for HEVC
  11. Efficient Content-Adaptive Feature-based Shot Detection for HTTP Adaptive Streaming
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