ICIP 2024 Grand Challenge on 360° Video Super Resolution

IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (IEEE ICIP)

Grand Challenge on

360° Video Super Resolution and Quality Enhancement

27-30 October 2024, Abi Dhabi, UAE



Abstract: Omnidirectional visual content, commonly referred to as 360-degree images and videos, has garnered significant interest in both academia and industry, establishing itself as the primary media modality for VR/XR applications. 360-degree videos offer numerous features and advantages, allowing users to view scenes in all directions, providing an immersive quality of experience with up to 3 degrees of freedom (3DoF). When integrated on embedded devices with remote control, 360-degree videos offer additional degrees of freedom, enabling movement within the space (6DoF). However, 360-degree videos come with specific requirements, such as high-resolution content with up to 16K video resolution to ensure a high-quality representation of the scene. Moreover, limited bandwidth in wireless communication, especially under mobility conditions, imposes strict constraints on the available throughput to prevent packet loss and maintain low end-to-end latency. Adaptive resolution and efficient compression of 360-degree video content can address these challenges by adapting to the available throughput while maintaining high video quality at the decoder. Nevertheless, the downscaling and coding of the original content before transmission introduces visible distortions and loss of information details that cannot be recovered at the decoder side. In this context, machine learning techniques have demonstrated outstanding performance in alleviating coding artifacts and recovering lost details, particularly for 2D video. Compared to 2D video, 360-degree video presents a lower angular resolution issue, requiring augmentation of both the resolution and the quality of the video. This challenge presents an opportunity for the scientific research and industrial community to propose solutions for quality enhancement and super-resolution for 360-degree videos.


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