This site collects various assets from our publications enabling reproducibility.

  • ACM MMSys 2024: EVCA: Enhanced Video Complexity Analyzer
  • ACM MMSys 2024: GREEM: An Open-Source Benchmark Tool Measuring the Environmental Footprint of Video Streaming
  • ACM MMSys 2024: COCONUT: Content Consumption Energy Measurement Dataset
    for Adaptive Video Streaming
  • ACM MMSys 2024: VEED: Video Encoding Energy and CO2 Emissions Dataset for AWS EC2 Instances [Dataset]
  • IEEE Access 2023: LLL-CAdViSE: Live Low-Latency Cloud-based Adaptive Video Streaming Evaluation Framework
  • ACM MMSys 2022: Multi-Codec Ultra High Definition 8K MPEG-DASH Dataset [Dataset]
  • ACM MMSys 2022: VCD: Video Complexity Dataset [Dataset]
  • IEEE Access 2022: DoFP+: An HTTP/3-Based Adaptive Bitrate Approach Using Retransmission Techniques
  • ACM MMSys 2022: VCA: Video Complexity Analyzer [Documentation][Github]
  • MMM 2022: MoViDNN: An Android Application to Evaluate DNN-based Video Quality Enhancements for Mobile Devices
  • ACM MMSys 2020: CAdViSE: Cloud-based Adaptive Video Streaming Evaluation Framework for the Automated Testing of Media Players
  • HAS Clip Stitcher: An Stitch Media Streaming Session Clips from CAdViSE to Calculates MOS from P.1203 Model
  • IEEE VCIP 2021: On the Impact of Viewing Distance on Perceived Video Quality [Dataset]
  • Original ITEC DASH Dataset (updated 2014) [Dataset]
  • Multi-Codec DASH Dataset [Dataset]