Interns at the ATHENA Christian Doppler Laboratory

In July 2020, the ATHENA Christian Doppler Laboratory hosted three interns working on the following topics:

  • Indira Pal: Quality of Experience for HTTP Adaptive Streaming based use cases and scenarios.
  • Ilja Pronegg: Machine learning methods for HTTP Adaptive Streaming.
  • Miriam Gütl: State-of-the-art video streaming technologies.

At the end of the internship, the interns presented their work and the results in the form of a presentation and report. We believe that the joint work was useful both for the laboratory and for the interns themselves. We would like to thank the interns for their productive work, useful results, and excellent feedback about our laboratory.

Indira Pal: “I liked the internship very much and felt like a part of the team very soon. This was most likely due to the awesome atmosphere at the Christian Doppler laboratory. In my brief time at ATHENA, I was able to learn a lot about video compression and the challenges associated with this fairly widespread topic. Hadi was an excellent supervisor because he was always at the office and let me work independently while still providing assistance when I needed it. I enjoyed getting to know a Computer Scientist’s/Engineer’s work and now have a much clearer view of what a PhD student’s or Postdoc’s work looks like. I am very glad that I applied for this internship as I believe that my work at ATHENA was truly meaningful and I gained a lot from this experience.”

Miriam Gutl: “I really enjoyed every day of my internship at ATHENA and I am actually quite sad that the four weeks passed by so quickly. Already after the first day I felt so intergrated in the whole team which was so great for the whole atmosphere. In general the whole team was always so nice to us which was a real isperation. Also I would say that I have never learned so much in such a short periode of time till now. So I am really very thankfull that I was taken for this job it really did learned me a lot and in between it was also extremly fun. When I started looking for a internship I wanted something like that and I have actually found it at ATHENA so thank you.”

Ilja Pronegg:The internship was awesome! Everyone was nice and the topics I worked on were very interesting. I would make a second internship here!”

We wish the interns every success in their journey through life and we hope seeing them soon back at the University of Klagenfurt and ATHENA.

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