SPIRIT Project: Open Call 1 is live!

SPIRIT – Open Call 1

Scalable Platform for Innovations on Real-time Immersive Telepresence


SPIRIT’s 1st wave of Open Call (SPIRIT-OC1) is now open. It provides up to 200 thousand € to financially support the involvement of third parties to develop and test a wide variety of collaborative telepresence applications on the first release of the SPIRIT platform. OC1 aims to engage different organisations to test, develop further, and validate their specific use cases (applications) or to contribute components that enhance/extend the SPIRIT platform.

The applications run till 27 May, 2024, 17:00 CET. 10 third-party projects will be selected and will be expected to have a total duration of 9 months. For further information about the OC1 and the technical results of the SPIRIT project, please refer to the OC1 webpage: https://www.spirit-prject.eu/open-call-1/.

Index Terms: Telepresence, Point Clouds, Augmented Reality

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