GREEM : An Open-Source Energy Measurement Tool for Video Processing

GREEM: An Open-Source Benchmark Tool Measuring the Environmental Footprint of Video Streaming

The 15th ACM Multimedia Systems Conference (Open-source Software and Datasets)

15-18 April, 2024 in Bari, Italy

[PDF], [Github]

Christian Bauer  (AAU, Austria),  Samira Afzal (AAU, Austria)Sandro Linder (AAU, Austria), Radu Prodan (AAU,Austria)and Christian Timmerer (AAU, Austria)

Addressing climate change requires a global decrease in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In today’s digital landscape, video streaming significantly influences internet traffic, driven by the widespread use of mobile devices and the rising popularity of streaming plat-
forms. This trend emphasizes the importance of evaluating energy consumption and the development of sustainable and eco-friendly video streaming solutions with a low Carbon Dioxide (CO2) footprint. We developed a specialized tool, released as an open-source library called GREEM , addressing this pressing concern. This tool measures video encoding and decoding energy consumption and facilitates benchmark tests. It monitors the computational impact on hardware resources and offers various analysis cases. GREEM is helpful for developers, researchers, service providers, and policy makers interested in minimizing the energy consumption of video encoding and streaming.

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