Cryptanalysis of a Reversible Data Hiding Scheme in Encrypted Images by Improved Redundant Space Transfer

IEEE International Conference on

Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP)

03-07 December 2023, Jeju, South Korea


Lingfeng Qu (SWJTU, China), Hongjie He (SWJTU, China), Hadi Amirpour (AAU, Austria), Mohammad Ghanbari (University of Essex, UK) , and Christian Timmerer (AAU, Austria)

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a novel attack model called the Got Plaintext Attack (GPA), where the attacker only requires one plaintext and the ciphertext image set stored in the cloud to attack the content of the ciphertext image. Using this model, we examine the security of the Improved Redundant Space Transfer (IRST) encryption method. To this end, we define an ordered characteristic matrix based on the properties of the three keys used in IRST. By comparing the histogram distance of the ordered characteristic matrix, we are able to obtain a plain-ciphertext pair. Furthermore, by leveraging the invariant properties of the ordered characteristic matrix of image blocks in the plain-ciphertext pair, we estimate the block permutation Π2 and the bit-plane permutation sequence Π1. Our experiments show that the accuracy of estimating Π2 is higher than 70% for block sizes of 3×3 pixels or larger. Despite a 40% accuracy in estimating Π1, the content information of the ciphertext image can still be exposed.

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