Live is Life: Efficient Two-pass Per-title Encoding for Adaptive Live Streaming (Industry demo at ICIP 2022)

2022 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP)

October 16-19, 2022 | Bordeaux, France

Conference Website


Abstract: According to the Bitmovin Video Developer Report 2021, live streaming at scale has the highest scope for innovation in video streaming services. Currently, there are no open-source implementations available which can predict video complexity for live streaming applications. To this light, we plan to demo the functions of VCA software, and show accuracy of the complexities analyzed by VCA ( using the heatmaps, and show-case the speed of video complexity analysis. VCA can achieve an analysis speed of about 370fps compared to the 5fps speed of the reference SITI implementation. Hence, we show that it can be used for live streaming applications.

In the demo, we also showcase an application of VCA in detail: optimized CRF prediction for adaptive streaming, which is being presented in ICIP’22 (Paper ID: 2030). This scheme improves the compression efficiency of the conventional ABR encoding for live streaming.


  • Vignesh V Menon, University of Klagenfurt, Austria (
  • Christian Feldmann, Bitmovin, Austria (
  • Hadi Amirpour, University of Klagenfurt, Austria (
  • Christian Timmerer, Bitmovin, Austria (
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