Days of Future Past: An Optimization-based Adaptive Bitrate Algorithm over HTTP/3

The ACM CoNEXT 2021 Workshop on the Evolution, Performance, and Interoperability of QUIC (EPIQ)

07 December 2021  | Munich, Germany (Online)


Daniele Lorenzi (University of Padua), Minh Nguyen (AAU, Austria), Farzad Tashtarian (AAU, Austria), Simone Milani (University of Padua), Herman Hellwagner (AAU, Austria),  Christian Timmerer (AAU, Austria)

Abstract: HTTP Adaptive Streaming(HAS) has become a predominant technique for delivering videos in the Internet. Due to its adaptive behaviour according to changing network conditions it may result in video quality variations that negatively impacts the Quality of Experience (QoE) of the user. In this paper, we propose Days of Future Past, an optimization-based Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) algorithm over HTTP/3. Days of Future Past takes advantage of an optimization model and HTTP/3 features, including (i) stream multiplexing, and (ii) request cancellation. We design a Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) model that determines the optimal video qualities of both next segment requests and the segments currently located in the buffer. If better qualities for buffered segments are found, the client will send corresponding HTTP GET requests to retrieve them. Multiple segments (i.e., re-transmitted segments) might be downloaded simultaneously to upgrade some buffered but not yet played segments to avoid quality decreases using the stream multiplexing feature of QUIC. HTTP/3’s request cancellation will be used in case retransmitted segments will arrive at the client after their playout time. The experimental results shows that our proposed method is able to improve the QoE by up to 33.9 %.

Keywords: HTTP/3, QUIC, Days of Future Past, HAS, QoE


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