Hadi Amirpour appointed co-chair of IMEx

Hadi Amirpour has been appointed co-chair of Task Force 7 (TF7) Immersive Media Experience (IMEx) at the 15th Qualinet meeting.


  • Hadi Amirpour (AAU)
  • Asim Hameed (NTNU)
  • Maria Torres Vega (UGhent)
  • Irene Viola, (CWI)

TF7: Immersive Media Experiences (IMEx)

Immersive media applications are entering our daily lives starting from VR/AR/360° video applications to multi-sensory/multimedia experiences potentially addressing all human senses rather than focusing on hearing and seeing. The overall goal of providing Immersive Media Experiences (IMEx) to end-users is giving them the sensation of being part of the particular media which shall result in a worthwhile, informative user and quality of experience.

The actual objectives of this task force are as follows:

  • disseminating the white paper
  • working towards submission of the extended version
  • liaison with other communities (UX, sensory sciences) and standards developing organizations (JPEG, MPEG, EBU)
  • Identification of different QoE aspects of immersive experiences
  • QoE models and QoE assessment approaches for immersive experiences, addressing various audiovisual modalities; e.g., HDR, omnidirectional video, light fields, point clouds and spatial audio.
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